Summit Financial Group: The Lafayette Indiana Financial Planning Company

Summit Financial Group: the Lafayette, Indiana Financial Planning CompanySummit Financial Group of Indiana has been in Lafayette since 2002 offering clientele a variety of financial advice and products ranging from debt management and cash flow planning to business planning, start-up consulting as well as investments and retirement planning.

Summit Financial is an independent financial planning firm. We specialize in creating tailored and sound financial plans for each and every client we serve. We then partner with our clients to provide one of the highest levels of service in our marketplace. We see each client as a part of our family and care for them in a like manner.

Jon McCardle managed the firm from 2002 to 2008 at which time he purchased the firm from his partner. Under his guidance and efforts along with his team, the firm has grown over 700% in 10 years.

Jon’s clients have enjoyed access to a complete financial planning department that creates comprehensive plans for their future. Jon also offers several unique portfolio strategies that allow his clients diversification away from the traditional portfolio theory and approaches.

Investment Advice and Consultation from Experienced Financial Planners 

Investment Advice and Consultation in Lafayette, IndianaThe philosophy behind the “Best of Breed” is to define, search and select the best of breed in each asset class and category necessary for your investment portfolio. Summit considers over 4000 no-load and no transaction fee funds on a quarterly basis to develop our roster of candidates. We then layer additional, proprietary processes of analysis to sift through the good to get the great.

Our selection and modeling processes include fundamental analysis such as Fund Manager Tenure, Fund Family’s Investment Philosophy, Asset Class, Historical Returns and Style Drift. Our technical analysis layers in measurements for Alpha, Beta, Relative Strength, Statistical Algorithms and a pro-active trend analysis against short term, mid-term and long terms market indicators to select, monitor and maintain optimal levels of risk vs. return creation for client accounts.

Summit has successfully merged their private client systems and processes to achieve the maximum level of efficient Risk vs. Return potential for each portfolio we construct. This gives our clients the best ingredients available to them within their plans and a targeted approach to the markets.

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Our systems are designed for early warning and protection from severe storms that would harm your economic condition

In 2007, our systems indicated we leave the markets while others did not and therefore our clients
 did NOT participate in the downturn of 2008-2009

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