Financial Investment Planners for Agriculture & Entrepreneurial Clients

Financial investment planners for Agriculture and Entrepreneurial clients in Lafayette, INFor our agriculture and entrepreneurial clients, our investment options are all about planning. These clients have their own category because business owners require an alternative approach to risk management, opportunity and management. These owners are so busy focusing on the growth of their business they neglect the important investment details along the way. They often spend years trying to get to the summit and once they approach it they don't know what's next. We want to help our agriculture and business clients that haven't planned for the future.

Owners often need:

  • buy sell agreements

  • cash-flow planning

  • tax planning

  • retirement planning

  • succession planning

A Financial Planning Firm that Knows Agriculture

At Summit, we understand the nuances of the agricultural business. Whether it is cash rents, 1031 exchanges when farm ground is sold or legacy planning to keep the family farm in the family, we can help. The IRS can be more of a challenge when dealing with assets than when dealing with income so planning with this in mind can be very important.

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Our systems are designed for early warning and protection from severe storms that would harm your economic condition

In 2007, our systems indicated we leave the markets while others did not and therefore our clients
 did NOT participate in the downturn of 2008-2009

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