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The Northern Star Newsletter 4/19/18: Earnings Season Begins

Last Friday with President Trump sending missiles over to Syria, I remember thinking "Oh, Boy, Here it goes!" as I was reading through the Yahoo Headline on my phone. My wife having asked me what does that mean and the only response I could find to give is...I am not sure yet.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 4/9/18: Quarterly Report

This market has certainly been a lot less enjoyable when compared to 2017, but then again, we saw this market condition coming for some time now. We will also likely see it sticking around for the majority of 2018 and possibly into 2019, before the selling really shows up in force and sends the indexes down further.

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The Northern Star 3/19/18: A Look Back

With the recent (continued?) turmoil in our nation's capital, the markets are beginning to show signs of becoming weary that our president is likely and able to establish and keep key positions filled in his White House.

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The Northern Star 3/14/18 Goldilocks Returns

This past 12-15 days has seemingly marked the beginning to rebound stemming from our most recent correction. We have seen the VIX decrease below 20 and a quieting of the recent volatility for the time being. All this could change of course but for now, we will take what we can...kind of like the weather in Indiana recently!

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The Northern Star 2/26/18

Inflation and Interest Rates If anyone wants to know what the market thinks about inflation and the rise of interest rates' effect on bonds and stocks, all they need do is observe the market conditions of late. As of Tuesday, I am watching 68.5% of all stocks decline, and the chart has the precision lines of a chainsaw!

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