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The Northern Star 3/14/18 Goldilocks Returns

This past 12-15 days has seemingly marked the beginning to rebound stemming from our most recent correction. We have seen the VIX decrease below 20 and a quieting of the recent volatility for the time being. All this could change of course but for now, we will take what we can...kind of like the weather in Indiana recently!

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The Northern Star 2/26/18

Inflation and Interest Rates If anyone wants to know what the market thinks about inflation and the rise of interest rates' effect on bonds and stocks, all they need do is observe the market conditions of late. As of Tuesday, I am watching 68.5% of all stocks decline, and the chart has the precision lines of a chainsaw!

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The Northern Star 2/14/18

Heading into a third straight week of market volatility, the VIX is still above 20, and the market doesn't seem to know if the buyers or the sellers are going to emerge victorious. According to Market Watch, we are experiencing a slump in retail sales, erasing the recent gains since December.

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Northern Star Newsletter 02/07/2018

Remain Calm, we have been expecting this for a while now. The markets have begun their corrective move last week, ending the week over 1000 points down from their high. According to Jurrien Timmer on Bloomberg, the move down was focused on the Bond Market and its increasing turmoil.

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Northern Star Newsletter 02/01/2018

Monday was met with a sizable down day in the markets. Bonds had their effect on stocks as the Yields in the 10-year Treasury increased above that of stocks. As the discussion on interest rates continues its way into the spotlight, we could see more of this kind of market reaction in the short-term unfold.

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