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Northern Star Newsletter 02/01/2018

Monday was met with a sizable down day in the markets. Bonds had their effect on stocks as the Yields in the 10-year Treasury increased above that of stocks. As the discussion on interest rates continues its way into the spotlight, we could see more of this kind of market reaction in the short-term unfold.

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Northern Star Newsletter 01/10/2018

At this point, so early in the year, we are seeing a steady rise and continuation of the end of 2017. Right now, the futures are pointing to another up-day with little to low volatility as a disrupter to today's climb.

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Northern Star Newsletter 01/04/2018

With the 2017 year at a close and the markets at all-time highs, it begs the question, where do we go from here? Having spent a lot of time combing through various sources searching for credible insights, I have found a few that I thought were very interesting.

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