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Financial Planning for University Clients

University clients have the intelligence to do their own financial planning, but don’t have the time to read the reports and research their options and plan their retirement. It’s a huge investment of time and they just don’t have it to spare. These clients need someone to concisely explain their options without wasting any time. For added convenience we meet university clients in their offices as their schedules allow!

Clients who try to manage investing and financial planning on their own or go to the wrong company for help can run into a lot of problems. We have witnessed gross neglect in the 403B universe of investing during our tenure often at the surprise & bewilderment of the client. As a seasoned investment firm, we work tirelessly in the care and improvement of our client’s financial condition. This allows clients to pursue their true passion and not become overwhelmed and stressed over their investments and financial plan.

With university clients, communications are established proactively in order to provide each client with 3 tangible points of clarity

  • What their investments are doing
  • Why they are doing what they are doing
  • What should they expect as a result

For university clients to understand how well our program meets their unique needs, they have to understand how bad other programs or doing it yourself can be. Our clients get an email prior to any changes made to their accounts, and a local number that they can call when they need additional assistance. Summit Financial Group of Indiana also understands the busy lifestyle our university clients lead; our plan works in the background so that they get updates every thirty days, a monthly newsletter and 3-5 meetings a year. We also proactively contact them by phone to discuss current accounts, questions, and the markets as needed. That is all gratis to our client and all meetings happen at their convenience in their office, they do not have to come to us.

Best of Breed Approach from Wealth Managers in Lafayette, Indiana 

The philosophy behind the “Best of Breed” is to define, search and select the best of breed in each asset class and category necessary for your investment portfolio. Summit considers over 4000 no-load and no transaction fee funds on a quarterly basis to develop our roster of candidates. We then layer additional, proprietary processes of analysis to sift through the good to get the great.

Our selection and modeling processes include fundamental analysis such as Fund Manager Tenure, Fund Family’s Investment Philosophy, Asset Class, Historical Returns and Style Drift. Our technical analysis layers in measurements for Alpha, Beta, Relative Strength, Statistical Algorithms and a proactive trend analysis against short term, mid-term and long terms market indicators to select, monitor and maintain optimal levels of risk vs. return creation for client accounts.

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