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The Northern Star 07/12/18 Jobs Push Stocks Up

The markets at this point have seemingly caught momentum and reversed back upward. The VIX is at a 13.70 measurement indicating a lower level of volatility in the markets at present. The Stormguard Indicator has reversed back up from a low of 0.08% to 0.21% giving indication that the pressures of recent past has subsided for the time being as well.

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The Northern Star 06/28/18 The Power of Corporate Earnings

We are seeing the pressure of the tariff and import strategy set forth by our current administration set upon the markets this past several trading days. The news cycle regarding the policy of immigration and the separation of families seems to be adding to the internal strife of the US at the moment but is not having a substantial impact on the markets as a whole.

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The Northern Star 06/21/18 Trade and Interest Rates

Last week the indexes were kind of quiet early on while everyone awaited the FED meeting on interest rates and monetary policy. Coming as no surprise, the FED raised interest rates, resulting in a slight decline by the end of the day. Overall, we had a rather flat performance across the indexes for the week.

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The Northern Star 06/11/18 Strength, Growth, and Tension

"...the US stock market is expected to return a -2.10% per year over the next eight years." With a headline like that, who wouldn't want to do a double take on the rest of the article, right? In an article published by GuruFocus, an online source for stocks and investment materials, claims that the Buffett Indicator has risen to a near all-time high giving us concern over the next period of market performance.

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