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The Northern Star 1/3/18 Why Did Stocks Drop?

This current market condition should not have caught any one of my readers off guard, or at the very least, surprised anyone, since I have been speaking about and warning that the market conditions of 2018 would not look anything like 2017, and that IF we turn out a 4-6% return by year's end, I would consider it a home run.

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The Northern Star 11/26/18 Analyzing Data Amid Declines

This past week we have seen the markets continue their slide as the S&P lost 1.6%, Dow was down 2.2%, and the NASDAQ gave up 2.2% as well. Brexit and Oil weighed heavily on the minds and sentiment of investors while earnings continued their reporting. 1

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The Northern Star 11/12/18 The Impact of Oil and Elections

On the other side of the elections, the markets appear to be rebounding off of their horrible, no good, despicable month of October. With the election now firmly behind us, we saw a rapid and quite impressive Wednesday with each index establishing a 2+% rebound. Thursday saw a hesitant market as the Fed indicated they would continue to raise the rates in December to help offset a growing economy & risk of inflation. 1,2

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The Northern Star 11/05/18 Markets Bounce Back

I have mentioned to many that 2018 will look nothing like 2017, and IF we end the year with a 4-6% return, it would be a home-run. Well, after Red October's correction, we are back to square one again! To give you an idea of just how special October was, we saw the S&P 500 record the greatest number of down days in 50 years! According to BTN Research, 192 stocks in the S&P 500 are down at least 10% YTD, while 103 are down at least 20% YTD. This makes over 50% of the S&P 500 index showing at least a 10% loss for the year. 3

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The Northern Star 10/29/18 Why Did Stocks Drop?

This market has been anything but fun over the past 3 weeks. According to Jim Tissoni, the DOW dropped 6.7%, NASDAQ fell 10.9%, and the S&P 500 declined 8.8%, but the biggest loser was the Russell 2000 loosing 12.5%! 1 What kinda month am I having..."frustrating" would be a good word here.

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The Northern Star 10/22/18 Examining October

Global stocks faced more headwinds yesterday as China's rally fades. 1 We are seeing Brexit concerns and controversy heating up with the UK and an un-relenting shadow of Tariffs and Trade Wars continuing to plague the markets. 2,3

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