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The Northern Star 08/016/18 Mixed Results as Turkey Stumbles

It's back to school week for many, and the chaos on the roads is a bit unrelenting if you are around campus or any of the high schools we have around town in the morning or early afternoon. You have to be constantly vigilant because even though you're doing what you are supposed to be doing because with the great number of inexperienced drivers on the road, you cannot count on the other person to make the right decisions.

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The Northern Star 08/09/18 Stocks Up as Data Comes In

This past earnings season, the market has really responded nicely. The majority of companies reporting this quarter significantly outperformed their earnings reports giving this market something to cheer and rally behind. We have gone from "the next recession is happening next year"(1) to "the next recession is nowhere in sight"(2) and it gives me a chuckle.

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The Northern Star 08/02/18 Special Report: Quarterly Update

In my nearly 20 years of being in the money business, I have learned and observed a lot! There is not much now that comes as a surprise to me and even less that comes as a shock. A conversation with a family member over the weekend caused the inspiration of this newsletter and I hope you enjoy it.

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The Northern Star 07/12/18 Jobs Push Stocks Up

The markets at this point have seemingly caught momentum and reversed back upward. The VIX is at a 13.70 measurement indicating a lower level of volatility in the markets at present. The Stormguard Indicator has reversed back up from a low of 0.08% to 0.21% giving indication that the pressures of recent past has subsided for the time being as well.

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