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The Northern Star 10/15/18 Stocks Take a Ride

This past week, we have seen what appears to be, in our opinion, a slowing and possibly even a bottoming in the indexes off of last week's declines. This may or may not be temporary since investors seem to be holding their breaths to see where earnings season this quarter leads.

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The Northern Star 10/08/18 Examining Economies

As I return to the office today (Thurs) from a series of meetings, I stare into a screen that demonstrates a 328 pt. loss on the DOW 1, a 175 pt. loss on the NASDAQ 3, and 37 pt. loss on the S&P 500 2 -all in the ranges of 1% and 2.5% down-and I am thinking to myself, I wonder how many clients are going to log in and "check their accounts" and how many are simply not.

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The Northern Star 10/01/18 Special Update: Quarterly Report

The market is certainly making fools out of experts and winners out of fools right now! The markets are rallying and roaring, giving investors a warm and sometimes a wow feeling. If I was a betting man, earlier in the year I would have bet on the markets trading sideways and getting weaker by the month by now.

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The Northern Star 09/24/18 New Records and Changes

The markets continue to show signs of strength. We still are hearing about and seeing trade war rhetoric for the time being, and so long as this remains a constant, it is our opinion that foreign investments should be looked at with extra scrutiny and their risks inflated when evaluating portfolio risks and reallocations.

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The Northern Star 09/17/18 Stocks Up as Milestone Passes

With the recent news that President Trump has elected to tag a 10% tariff on $200B worth of Chinese Goods, China is promising to retaliate.1 This was not un-expected though. The media has been focused on Hurricane Florence as of late, which has given a bit of a reprieve from forcing everyone to react to the news on the tariff discussion.

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