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The Northern Star 4/30/18, Earnings Rise, Stocks Stumble

This past week opened the earnings season for 1st quarter of 2018. We saw numerous companies beating street estimates, which is often a good sign. In my opinion, I think it is challenging to read which of the companies received a boost from the tax reform and which have legitimately sold more widgets and had higher profits as a result...AND...if they did, can they continue to do so?

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The Northern Star 4/23/18 Examining Earnings & Yields

On numerous occasions in the past, I have shared with clients that 2018 will not be anything like 2017. Thus far, the market has supported my hypothesis. Since our February high, the market has been stumbling through lower highs. However, the lows are not following suit. This inconsistency across the market provides us with a ray of hope that this shakeout is legitimate. Based on the current market situation, we may find that the dip in the market can prove to be worthwhile later in the year. Those investors that do choose to stick out the rough waters may be rewarded generously.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 4/19/18: Earnings Season Begins

Last Friday with President Trump sending missiles over to Syria, I remember thinking "Oh, Boy, Here it goes!" as I was reading through the Yahoo Headline on my phone. My wife having asked me what does that mean and the only response I could find to give is...I am not sure yet.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 4/9/18: Quarterly Report

This market has certainly been a lot less enjoyable when compared to 2017, but then again, we saw this market condition coming for some time now. We will also likely see it sticking around for the majority of 2018 and possibly into 2019, before the selling really shows up in force and sends the indexes down further.

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The Northern Star 3/19/18: A Look Back

With the recent (continued?) turmoil in our nation's capital, the markets are beginning to show signs of becoming weary that our president is likely and able to establish and keep key positions filled in his White House.

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