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The Northern Star 1/2/19 Turbulence Continues

The markets on the other hand extended their sell off into Christmas Eve down more than 600 points. According to Kate Rooney at CNBC, we are officially in a bear market for the S&P 500 which should not be much of a shocker to anyone of you by now when reading any of my recent newsletters.

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The Northern Star 12/20/18 Stocks Down, Change Ahead?

With the year-end approaching quickly, the overall expectation of the "Santa Claus Rally" that once was a staple of investor psyche is now all but expired for the year. With 8 trading days left and the market's conditions continuing to deteriorate, even with a late rally, it may simply not be enough to turn the tide of pessimism that currently resides in the minds and hearts of investors.

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The Northern Star 12/13/18 Volatility Continues

The markets began last week with the promise of a positive show given the "trade war truce" that unfolded between the US and China over the previous weekend. They quickly changed their mind since the truce was only verbal and not in writing, leading one to believe that this too was only temporary in nature and not a lasting fix.

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The Northern Star 1/3/18 Why Did Stocks Drop?

This current market condition should not have caught any one of my readers off guard, or at the very least, surprised anyone, since I have been speaking about and warning that the market conditions of 2018 would not look anything like 2017, and that IF we turn out a 4-6% return by year's end, I would consider it a home run.

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The Northern Star 11/26/18 Analyzing Data Amid Declines

This past week we have seen the markets continue their slide as the S&P lost 1.6%, Dow was down 2.2%, and the NASDAQ gave up 2.2% as well. Brexit and Oil weighed heavily on the minds and sentiment of investors while earnings continued their reporting. 1

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