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With the Market Constantly Changing, Stay Informed with the Latest News.

The Northern Star Newsletter 1/30/20 - Fresh Record Highs

We saw an outsized sell-off on Monday resulting from the concerns and speculation on the outbreak of a new virus in China. Oil and Stocks both domestic and abroad sold off abruptly over the contagion risk and containment China and the rest of the world is working on but still have not identified the solution for as yet.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 1/23/20 - Fresh Record Highs

We are now beginning the Impeachment Trial of President Trump, and while I think this may all end up being a non-issue with regard to Wall Street, it is certain to captivate the hearts and minds and social media accounts of the public. We are anticipating an increase in the volatility for a time, but we are nevertheless leading to a positive year end.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 1/9/20 - Concerns About Oil

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out is not the punchline of a bad joke. It is a real issue with investors of all walks of life. FOMO happens whenever we see a rally of significance in the markets that catches investors by surprise. This triggers a "get on board or lose out" response, and they end up investing at highs hoping they will gain like their friend, buddy, or confidant and not be on the outside looking in.

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