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Please Note: The following testimonials were given by current clients of Summit Financial. No compensation was provided for the testimonials. This arrangement creates a material conflict of interest because Summit Financial has an incentive to engage clients who have had a positive experience with the firm to provide such testimonials. There is no guarantee another individual’s experience will be representative of the individual providing this testimonial and no guarantees of performance or success are offered.

Gregory Knipp, Ph.D., Purdue University

“My wife and I have been thoroughly impressed with the degree of input we have had into developing a sound financial plan for our future. Jon and the team listen to our needs, provide us with extensive feedback on our plans, discuss in detail the strengths and weaknesses we may have based on market forecasts, and have moved quickly to protect our investments when financial adversity hits the market. I cannot recommend Jon more strongly!” 

Jeffrey Youngblood, Ph.D., Purdue University

“Summit Financial has been well worth the money. I am reasonably competent at putting together allocations, but as a faculty, my time is constrained and so things like this go on autopilot andmy allocations were always inefficient. Thus, Summit allows me to focus elsewhere and I no longerhave to spend time trying to get it right. The fact that Summit are fiduciaries got their foot in the door, but my initial conversation with them convinced me to take the plunge as their outlook mirrored my own.”

Raji Sundararajan, Ph.D., Purdue University

“I have been working with Mr. Jon McCardle for over 10 years. My finances would not be what they are today without his advice and guidance. He gives you 100% commitment, great knowledge, integrity and advice that helps you. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a financial adviser.”

George Lyle, IV, J.D., Purdue University

“Working with Summit has been great. You truly get the sense that your success is vital to their success. They will answer any question you have, and walk you through your options in a clear and understandable way.”

Matthew Golden, Purdue University

“I got a late start with investments for retirement. I knew that meant I would need to have an advisor who would do a great job with my investments. As I shopped around for advisors I ran into obstacles which made me uncomfortable. One advisor worked exclusively with a national company I didn't trust. Another talked about rebalancing only once per year. What I really wanted was an advisor who would be active, or better yet, proactive with my investments. That is exactly what I found in Summit Financial. Jon is straight forward on recommendations and strategies. I always feel informed. This gives me confidence in the plans.”

Timothy Bond, Ph.D., Purdue University

“What stands out to me most about my relationship is the amount of personal attention I have received, which goes well above my expectations when I first began to work with them. This includes regular communication about my retirement accounts and retirement planning, but also advice and planning on how to reach near term goals like home purchases or preparing for future family expenses. Summit has prepared me for things that I never would have thought about with retirement and I feel very secure knowing that they are looking out for my financial future.”

Chef Ambarish Lulay, Cornell University

“Summit Financial have been an advisor to my family and I for around 7 years. In this short period of time Jon has helped us gain control of our finances, plan retirement, achieve short term goals and plan long term goals. They are a great sounding board for life and career financial decisions for us and just an unbiased set of eyes helping us make smart decisions. They have truly helped us stay on track and discipline in our planning. I have recommended them to several colleagues and will continue to do so. Jon’s staff is very diligent and has excellent follow-through. I hope to continue this relationship for years to come.”

Chef Joshua Holden, Cornell University

“The process of integrating my current investments into Regal was seamless and I was provided in great detail the process and felt supported through the whole transaction. Working with John and his team has been an absolute pleasure, not only are they good at their jobs they are great at connecting with the individuals that provide a service too. I feel heard, cared about and feel very lucky to have found this group of investors.”

Keith Edmisten, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

“I am a scientist and unfortunately, I have never been inclined to learn about or follow the market and financial strategies. I have come to the realization that this is never going to be something I am interested in or good at. My Summit advisor meets with me twice a year and explains what is going on in the market and what strategies they are suggesting I take. It gives me peace of mind that someone who is much better trained in the market is looking after my interests. As a scientist I realize how important it is to rely on someone who is trained and experienced in their field.”

Kevin Otto, Ph.D., University of Florida

“My partner and I have a wonderful relationship with Summit. We have received retirement planning and money management service since 2009. Since then, we have successfully managed debt, prepared for the future and enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle in the interim. This experience is due to a personal commitment through a deep relationship with Summit that allows our family to live its best life through our values. Our overall experience with Summit has been remarkable!’

Prof. Kimberly Garza, St. Edwards University

“With Summit, I have a knowledgeable team looking out for my investments every step of the way. They understand that while academics might be brilliant in our own disciplines, we’re often too immersed in the midst of a hectic semester to be on top of the markets as well. In the past, I always felt guilty when I had meetings with fund-provided financial advisors. Not so with Summit. Jon helps me understand what’s going on with my investments and talks me through my options in a way that honors my professional realities, family obligations, and comfort with risk. Summit encourages me to stay on the right track for retirement.”

Chris Rudd

“I have been working with Jon McCardle for well over 10 years. I have always been treated with honesty and respect. Jon and his team not only work to make decisions on how to manage my investments, but they take the time to educate me about the what and the why they would recommend this or that change. I do not have the time nor inclination to study the art of investing, and I am very happy to have Jon and the team to support me.”

Dr. Jeffrey Brower, Ph.D. & Janice Brower

“We’ve been with Summit for almost 20 years. During this time, their entire team has helped to guide us financially through our early years as a young family, to when our kids were in college, to now as we are empty nesters dealing with issues of inheritance. All the while we have had peace-of-mind that our investments are in the best of hands and that we are properly preparing for retirement. We’ve recommended their expertise countless times to friends and family.”

Darryl & Lisa Hatke

“As clients of Summit Financial Group, my wife and I have enjoyed just over a decade of peace-of-mind, confidence and security that Jon and his team have afforded us. Through Bear and Bull market events, Summit Financial has been our compass to navigate the uncertain times we’ve had to face. It is experience, knowledge and confidence, coupled with a second to none customer service and personal care experience that moves me to recommend Summit Financial Group to friends and family. Thank you for the many years you’ve looked out for us.”

Debra Lineback

“As I neared retirement, I knew that I needed a more expert and proactive advisor. Until then my money had been in my employer's generic investment vehicle. After meeting with several companies, I felt that this was the right fit for me. I feel that my account is being managed expertly and with individualized planning. I was afforded the option of different levels of profile management, and we found the plan that works for my lifestyle and goals. I have regular meetings to discuss status and make changes if needed. I always feel that I am a valued client and that I am in good hands!”

Dr. Elizabeth Nunamaker, Ph.D.

“I have always felt like a valued and unique client. They take the time to get to know me and financial goals and then provide recommendations based on that. There is never any pressure to invest a certain way and we've been able to talk through, sometimes at nauseum, all investment decisions. I feel like I will be in a great financial place when the day comes to stop investing and start living off what we've built. Thank you for the peace of mind!”

Dr. Pamela Smith, Ph.D.

“Jon is more than a financial advisor. He is a true partner, intimately involved in steering our financial security and future. When life changes come up, he's there, helping us navigate the changes. We've experienced many changes over just the past 8 years including the sale of a company, loss of a job, starting a new business, sending two children off to college, the loss of two parents, and a pandemic. Every step of the way, Jon has given excellent advice. The best endorsement I can give is that not once in the past 8 years, even with all the chaos of our lives, have I worried about our financial security. I don't worry because I know Jon and his team are at the helm.”

Dr. Susan Bogdanowich-Knipp, Ph.D.

“My experience with Summit Financial has been nothing less than outstanding over the past several years. Every interaction with all staff members has been highly professional, and the team goes above and beyond expectations on a regular basis. Jon has put both my husband and me on the right path to retirement. We are confident that we will meet our financial goals and will be able to live our current lifestyle after we retire.”

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