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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning with Summit Financial Group of Indiana

  • Could I be doing better with my retirement account?

  • How much are you paying for investments

  • Does your current financial advisor act with a fiduciary mindset?

After all the times you woke up at 2 a.m., wondering if you were doing all that you could/should be doing with your capital now that it's reached a certain point, or wondering what would happen should you fall off of your tractor tomorrow, it becomes time to shift these thoughts from present fears to future considerations.

After a long life of hard work and sacrifice, you’ll be ready to reap the benefits of a life well-lived. The kids will be out of the house and their education paid for, and you’d have zeroed in on your dream cottage—off the beaten path and with your own private pond. Far from a dream, this will be your reality with a well-planned Legacy with help from Summit’s retirement planning in Lafayette, IN.

The Summit Pathway Discussion is what we call our approach to helping you plan out your retirement by focusing on your needs, wants, and wishes. This is a series of steps we walk you through to achieve your personal financial summit in the most efficient and productive manner.

Cash-Flow Planning and Debt Management

summit financial group of indiana offers cash-flow planning and debt management

Our Approach

We start by developing a current inventory of your monthly balance sheet. With this wide angle in view, we look for leaks as we ask you hard, honest questions in order to evaluate your lifestyle to ensure you are living according to your means. You may also have some legitimate expenses that can't be circumvented, and you need help developing a plan to stay afloat and/or grow.

Along with this exercise, we partner with you in developing a plan to maximize your daily operations in order to feed the various parts of your plan and achieve your personal financial summit.

Whether you subscribe to Dave Ramsey’s, Susie Orman’s, or David Bach’s approach, it is our intent to help any efforts become efficient and directed toward the ultimate achievement of your personal needs, wants, and wishes.

Cash-Flow Planning from Your Financial Advisors

Our financial advisors develop a detailed strategy for cash-flow planning. We believe you should hope for the best but plan for the worst, so we take a dynamic approach to management in order to ensure that you have the flexibility to protect your assets during the lean times and as the market adjusts. With our strategies and careful management, you'll be prepared for the road ahead of you.

Cash Flow Planning & Debt Management/Elimination

In our experience, budgets are not effective, because a budget is counter-intuitive to the human condition. No one enjoys being told what they can and cannot do with their money—and a budget is attempting to do exactly that. We have learned over nearly 2 decades of helping clients that understanding habits and how to cash-flow is a much more successful way to discover, build, or redirect you to accomplishing your personal financial summit.

As a result of the Summit Pathway Discussion, we will get an in-depth and transparent understanding of how your cash flows in order to best determine how to achieve your needs, wants, and wishes.

You may require the development of a debt elimination strategy, or you might simply need to maximize the efficiency of your current strategy.

Maybe you aren't concerned about your debt or you have no debt at all; your plan is to maximize the efficiency of your current cash flows and future income resources. Some business owners and farmers will require the utilization of debt for specific operational needs. We aim to realize, internalize, and utilize your approach to debt and cash flows for the benefit of your plan and the ultimate achievement and success of your goals.

Here are some common questions that you may be facing as you consider Cashflow Planning:

  • Should I sell or refinance my rental property?
  • Is paying down my highest debt first the best way to go?
  • What are the best credit card strategies?
  • What's an effective strategy for paying off debt?
  • How should I pay or maintain life insurance?
  • Is there a better strategy for paying off college?
  • How can I pay off my student loans faster?

Tax Planning

Your Personal Financial Sherpa

As they say, “every journey begins with a single step.” But how much better would that first step be if it were accompanied by a well-traveled guide? What if you had someone walking alongside you—gently steering you around all the puddles and pitfalls on your way up to your financial summit?

Over time, we’ve discovered that most of our clients have never had a relationship with a financial advisor and coach that is so in tune with what they’re really after. As your own financial concierge, taking the time to first understand and take inventory of your needs, wants, and wishes is key to having a successful journey to your personal financial summit.

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