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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning with Summit Financial Group of Indiana

  • Could I be doing better with my retirement account?

  • How much are you paying for investments

  • Does your current financial advisor act with a fiduciary mindset?

After all the times you woke up at 2 a.m., wondering if you were doing all that you could/should be doing with your capital now that it's reached a certain point, or wondering what would happen should you fall off of your tractor tomorrow, it becomes time to shift these thoughts from present fears to future considerations.

After a long life of hard work and sacrifice, you’ll be ready to reap the benefits of a life well-lived. The kids will be out of the house and their education paid for, and you’d have zeroed in on your dream cottage—off the beaten path and with your own private pond. Far from a dream, this will be your reality with a well-planned Legacy with help from Summit’s retirement planning in Lafayette, IN.

The Summit Pathway Discussion is what we call our approach to helping you plan out your retirement by focusing on your needs, wants, and wishes. This is a series of steps we walk you through to achieve your personal financial summit in the most efficient and productive manner.

Cash-Flow Planning and Debt Management

Tax Planning

Taxes’ Role for Financial Advising

You may feel that you pay too much in taxes, therefore taxes become a central focus in your financial planning. Our financial advising experience shows that paying nothing in taxes means you are not earning—and conversely, paying more than your share means you are inefficient in the various financial tools that are available to you. With tax laws changing all the time, your plan needs to be updated regularly.

We can bring in a CPA or work with your CPAs to help get your tax planning on track. We look for that efficient line in every household that allows you to maximize your respective tax deductions, write-offs, and tax deferral opportunities while not costing you the use and benefits of your economic capital.

Time and circumstance greatly influence your tax plan; it's doubtful you will ever pay zero, but you can easily pay way too much for what you are trying to achieve without the right guidance.

Our Tax Process

We will arrange and sit in on your tax appointment with a CPA. This initial appointment is at no cost and allows us to openly and freely ask an independent, experienced professional about the intricacies and nuances of your tax situation before we decide to make any changes and without the pressure of having to use them.

Working with CPAs and accountants is done at no additional costs to you.

Sometimes too many chefs in the kitchen can spoil the meal, and at other times, without a second opinion, you run the risk of harming the delicate balance in your financial plan and household. Taxes are an important part of a financial plan. Ensuring they are efficient in this area helps you achieve your personal financial summit.

Your Personal Financial Sherpa

As they say, “every journey begins with a single step.” But how much better would that first step be if it were accompanied by a well-traveled guide? What if you had someone walking alongside you—gently steering you around all the puddles and pitfalls on your way up to your financial summit?

Over time, we’ve discovered that most of our clients have never had a relationship with a financial advisor and coach that is so in tune with what they’re really after. As your own financial concierge, taking the time to first understand and take inventory of your needs, wants, and wishes is key to having a successful journey to your personal financial summit.

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