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401K & Investment Management

A Client-Focused Investment Company in Lafayette, Indiana

We will take every measure and means at our disposal to help you arrive at your goals and cover your needs in an optimized manner and on schedule! We WILL NOT avoid difficult conversations or ignore issues that you must address simply because it is unpleasant or doesn’t make you feel good.

We assume the role and responsibility of researching, selecting, monitoring and managing the various investments and strategies that your plan requires with a Fiduciary mindset. There are times when we outsource the management of a specific investment strategy and other times we manage investment strategy directly. Like all successful investment companies, we are designing a customized approach that will include very specific strategies and roles that each investment will play to consistently align your investment portfolio in an optimized manner.

summit financial group uses evidence-based research

We Use Evidence-Based Research

We incorporate both technical and fundamental approaches to understanding market conditions, measuring risks, and gauging opportunity. In our opinion, the key to maximizing return potential is to be proactive about collecting and analyzing data. We learn from the past as we look to the future.

summit financial group of indiana leverages technology in your favor

We Leverage Technology for You

We use the latest risk assessments, portfolio simulations, and forecast assumptions to consistently align your investment portfolio in an optimized manner. The technology we use today allows us to manage multiple strategies and accounts with the click of a mouse.

Custodians are Essential Partners for Your Success

We use a wide variety of custodians depending on your needs.

summit financial group of indiana has a wide variety of custodians depending on your needs

  • Fidelity Institutional
  • Charles Schwab Institutional
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • TIAA
  • Jackson National
  • Nationwide (Previously Jefferson National)
  • Vanguard
  • Pershing
  • Many More…

summit financial group of indiana has developed a program to manage any 401k/403b/457 retirement account

Our Investment Company’s Custom 401K Management Program

We have developed a program that allows us to manage any 401K/403B/457 retirement account that exists. Depending on how each plan is set up and its various components, we may have many investing strategies and options to choose from. We believe that your work-related retirement accounts play as important a role in your overall plan as your private investment accounts do and should be incorporated and managed accordingly.

summit financial group of indiana are always transparent and clear about fees

We are Transparent and Clear about Fees

We are straightforward and transparent about how we are paid; the costs and charges of each investment are explained in a simple way to ensure that every client is paying only what is necessary to execute their investment strategy. If you forget to ask, we will volunteer the information and ask that you think about it, pray about it, or whatever it is that you do to make an informed and educated decision BEFORE we move forward.

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