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With the Market Constantly Changing, Stay Informed with the Latest News.

The Northern Star Newsletter 3/25/20 - MY E-MAIL WAS HACKED TODAY

This is a brief statement from us to you in an attempt to prove additional personal touch and help you with critical and time-sensitive decisions as it pertains to your investments and financial health. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have after reading this.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 3/13/20 - Rallies and Retreats

We are seeing extreme swings in the markets daily. The VIX is remaining above 40 and our indicators have weakened significantly but have still, oddly enough, remained positive. All last week while I was with Tyler nailing down the logistics of working with one-another, we were both modeling and talking and re-modeling the markets based on daily and sometimes hourly breaking news. Each day we asked ourselves the same set of questions.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 3/5/20 - The Virus Becomes the Focus

At this point, we believe that a bottom is setting in on the majority of equities meaning that risk is a lot lower and washing out at present than earlier in February. That said, we could still remain quite volatile for several weeks while the coronavirus and it's spread becomes contained or at-least an antivirus is announced.

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