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With the Market Constantly Changing, Stay Informed with the Latest News.

The Northern Star Newsletter 10/24/19 - Nasdaq Composite, S&P 500 Rise

This is the second week of earnings for S&P 500 companies. According to Eric Kuby of North Star, 14% have already reported and 81% of those have beaten estimates, making for a good start. 120 more companies are expected to report, combined with a Brexit vote and the remaining economic calendar reports, it should be a dynamic week on Wall Street.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 10/10/19 - Special Update: Quarterly Report

We have much economic data that is tracked and produced every week around the world. This past reporting period, we have seen evidence of the concerns around a recession begin to show up. Make no mistake, I am not indicating a recession is approaching, yet. I am just saying that some of the data is confirming concerns.

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The Northern Star Newsletter 9/26/19 - Stocks Stage a Modest Retreat

I'm on the back deck of a newly purchased home of a friend and my insurance agent. Our wives sit cattycorner from us, and we are all talking about a variety of subjects when one in particular arises-aging. They are about 15 or so years younger than my wife and I, and as a result, they have different opinions and views than we do. It's no big deal until we all seem to converge on this one single point.

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