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The Northern Star Newsletter 3/25/20 - MY E-MAIL WAS HACKED TODAY



This is a brief statement from us to you in an attempt to prove additional personal touch and help you with critical and time-sensitive decisions as it pertains to your investments and financial health.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have after reading this.

thanks and God bless!!

Enjoy reading.

Jon M. McCardle
Summit Financial Group Of Indiana

MESSAGE FROM JON                                                                         


(We have fixed the issue already)

Today I was notified by several clients who were suspicious of the email they had received from me and wanted to see if it was legit so they called and texted me.

This was a "phishing" email used by scammers to try to illicit a recipient to open the attached document.  When they did, they too would be hacked and malware would be installed on their computers and the same would happen to them.  According to our IT support team and our email administrators, this kind of email does not just come from websites anymore.

These nefarious criminals scan the web in search of "important contact info" that they can then add into their systems and begin their phishing campaigns.  BEWARE!

We caught it and made appropriate measures to stop the spread but that does not mean you have not been infected.

During extreme times of uncertainty-we have witnessed an increase in phone-email and letters (less so now these days) that prey on the good-natured individuals to give to non-profits and other "agencies in need" to help with what ever cause is top of mind.  In this case, job losses and health concerns.  DO NOT TRUST THESE COMMUNICATIONS!

In our case-I will NEVER send out an attachment without you personally being aware and ready to receive it!

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and hope it does not happen in the future.

BTW: we had fully functioning and up to date antivirus and malware protections happening while this still took place.



About Summit Financial Group of Indiana                            

Jon McCardle is the owner of Summit Financial Group of Indiana based out of Lafayette, IN.  Jon and his team specialize in keeping clients retired once they get there and helping everyone else get there quickly!


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